AFRICA ALUMINIUM STRUCTURAL SYSTEMS have a wide variate of sun control and cladding systems with a warranty of 20 years. We design, supply, manufacture and install all our systems. Since 2004 we have installed over 200 buildings with our quality products:

  • louver systems;

  • aerofin systems;

  • filigree system

  • celoscreen systems; 

  • cladding systems;

  • metal ceiling systems;

  • custom systems.

We pride ourselves to provide a quality service with a quality product every time on time. Our team of consultants and architectural technologist will assist you to choose the right product in the planning and designing stage of your project. 


Aerofin Long Span Louvers
  • Long Span Aerofoil Width (mm):

  • 200 mm

  • 300 mm

  • 450 mm

Louver Panel Systems
  • System 84R

CeloScreen Louver System 
  • Profiled Solid

  • Profiled Perforated

non coastal use only

Louver Panel System
  • System 70S

  • System 132S

Filigree Louver System
  • Vertical      "Egg-Crate" System

  • Horizontal "Egg-Crate" System 

Custom Louver & Screens

contact us know


Linear Ceiling System
  • Interior Ceiling Systems

  • Exterior Ceiling Systems

Grid Cell Ceiling System 
  • Vented System

  • Closed System

Unique Structure


Linear Ceiling System
  • Interior Cladding Systems

  • Exterior Cadding Systems

  • Perforated Fasades

  • Open Joint

  • Close Joint

Custom Cladding Systems

For a Unique system contact us.

africa aluminium aerofoil
africa aluminium - custom louvers
africa aluminium - cladding
africa aluminium - cladding
aluminium - canopy
africa aluminium - ACP ceiling
africa aluminium - facade - canopy c
africa aluminium - CNC metal decor
africa aluminium - perforation
africa aluminium - perforation
africa aluminium - fabrication
africa aluminium - perforation
africa aluminium - aero foil louvers
africa aluminium - cladding
africa aluminium - perforation
africa aluminium - cladding
africa aluminium - cladding
africa aluminium ACP cladding
africa aluminium ACP cladding
Sheet Metal Engineering
CNC Metal Laser Cutting (2 x 2Kw)
CNC Laser Tube - Profile cutting
CNC Metal Plate Plasma Cutting
CNC Metal Punching - Perforation
CNC Laser Cutting - Wood &  Plexiglas
CNC Metal Bending & Profiling
Metal Roller Banding
De - Coiling Line 1.6 x 1225 wide
Metal - Welding & Assembly
Powder Coating - Full System
Pre Coat Bin passivization process
Architectural Systems & Solutions :
Facade Cladding 
Ceiling Metal 
Sun Control  Louvre
Canopy Structures
ACP - Cladding Solutions
Hunter Douglas Systems
100% Manufactured in Namibia
Cable Trays- Ducts- Ladders
Shelving Systems
Agriculture - Food Screens - Sieves
Retail Display Systems
Health - PPE Products (Plexiglas)
Theater Protection Hoods | Face Masks
Laboratory Furniture Stainless steel
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africa aluminium - cladding

Cladding - custom louver -decor structures.