Full Inhouse Design and Drafting Service...

Our fully integrated inhouse design studio, confidently provides our clients a full and comprehensive design service. Whether you need you product drawings converted or developed we will assist you to create a high quality, cost efficient solution. 

Our  proven experience and knowledge of the industry combined with latest design & production software guarantees  your  requirements are met accurately and on time.

CNC Fiber Laser Cutting High Precision Service...

Our two (2) 2.2KW  high speed fiber laser systems  efficiently  and accurately processes any shape and size. (up to blank size of 3000 x 1500 mm


Mild Steel                      0.4 - 12.0mm

Galvanized Steel          0.4 - 3.0mm

Stainless Steel              0.5 - 6.0mm

Aluminium                     0.5 - 6.0mm 

CNC Fiber Tube Laser Cutting Precision Service...

Our 2.2KW fiber tube laser we are able to think outside the box.  sophisticated 360 degree cutting shapes are digitally designed, evaluated and processed  accurately.  Complex & integrated designs are simplified giving the client a wide choice of design options.

Material Thickness:

0.5 - 5.0mm

Shape: (3000 mm length)

Square and Rectangular: 25 - 140mm

Round:                               25-200mm

CNC Plasma Cutting High Precision Service...

Our plasma cutting table can accommodate sheets of 3000 x 1500mm Various metals up to 25mm can be cut.

Ideal for the heavy industrial clients, mining, agriculture and construction industries, a low cost solution.


Mild Steel                      2.0 - 12.0mm

Galvanized Steel          2.0 - 8.0mm

Stainless Steel              2.0 - 6.0mm

Aluminium                     2.0 - 6.0mm 

CNC 30 Ton Turret Punch High Precision Service...

Our 2x 30 tons, latest EURO MAC - Turret Punch - European technology  ensures sheet metal parts are processed fast, accurately  and economically.

The 6 station turret punch allows  up to 43 different tools at once, depending of material thickness. 

Various  metal materials up to thicknesses of 6 mm is successfully processed, maintaining  tolerances of 0.02 mm accuracy.

Mass production of parts ensures high speed client order delivery with superior quality and reduced delivery times

CNC Precision Bending Service...

2 x 110 Ton CNC Press Brake Machines ensures that processed parts are shaped into accurate 3D solutions. Computerized  systems with automatic crowning deflective adjustments ensures quality profiling of full 3 m part lengths.

​Complicated shapes are designed and pre tested  on our

SAFLAN DARLEY, AUTOPOL  & SOLID WORKS software and directly transferred to machine floor production.

Guillotine | Metal Cutting: SAFLAN DARLEY CNC Guillotine system: this latest addition to our shop floor allows high speed "cut-2-size" solutions at an accuracy of 00.02 mm cutting tolerances.

Plate Roll Forming | Metal Curve shape: 3m wide 3 pin plate roller allows for cylindrical forming of steel flat parts

Precision Welding and Assembly Service...

With our 250 meter square welding and assembly facility we bring your product to life. 

Specializing in sheet metal material:

Mild Steel

Stainless Steel 


High Quality Powder Coating Service...

Powder coating service, complete with pre-treatment of mild steel (7 stage iron phosphate coating system) and aluminium (4 stage chrome conversion coating system), the only quality plant in Namibia.

Green Production:

  • Curing ovens run +-70% on 150 Kw solar power, reducing production carbon footprint. 

  • Wide range of colours available

  • Colors: RAL and SABS colors, standard colors as per the color card. (Interior & Exterior application options), Gloss, Semi-matt, Matt and textured, special colours on request, subject to minimum quantities.

  • Only environmental friendly paint powders are used.

  • Processing chemicals are sourced from CHEMETALL USA, known for their environmental sustainable protocols.

AASS_Powder Coating.jpg