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Africa Aluminium Structural Systems
UNIQUE IN NAMIBIA & 100% Namibian owned. We have extensively advanced the local Namibian manufacturing capacity, supporting & complimenting the Namibian Governments vision in advancing the Namibian manufacturing industry.
Based in Windhoek, our fabrication facilities boast with over 3,900 square meter Production & Supportive logistic floor area. 
The latest technology in metal production machine technology allows for a wide range of fabrication solutions under one roof. Directly benefiting our clients as they have the ability to source locally multiple solutions, achieving improved economics on projects as well as project time saving, due to reduced/ no transport risks & delays.
The stable Namibian environment, both politically & good infrastructure ensures that no supply disruptions are experienced.
From conceptual design, proto-typing, manufacture, fabrication & assembly of products & parts inclusive of quality powder coated finishes.
Fully integrated In-House design studio, supports client design requirements from concept to full production.This ensures accurate information communication between designers and fabrication throughout the entire process.
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Production Technology Capacity:​
  • CNC Laser Metal Cutting ( 360 degree / tube-profile)
  • CNC Laser Metal Cutting (flat sheet & plate)
  • CNC Laser of Plexiglas, MDF wood, leather, craft -paper board
  • CNC Plasma cutting: heavy metal up to 25 mm thick
  • CNC 3D Router technology (wood & metal)
  • METAL bending & roll forming
  • METAL DE-Coiling | 1225 mm wide
  • Powder Coating Plant (inclusive of pre-coating chemical treatment of mild steel and aluminium metals).

Industries Supplied:

  • Construction: Project, Contract & Sub-Contractor material -solutions
  • Automotive & Transport
  • Agricultural & Fishing
  • Mining - Civil Construction
  • Retail - Wholesale | Commercial Interiors
  • Telecommunications
  • Security 
  • Hospitality
  • Education & Medical
  • Tourism
  • Domestic & Landscape
  • Design & Engineering:

  • Architectural - Complex -Creative solutions

  • Signage Industry

Design & Engineering 

Fully integrated In-House design studio, supports client design requirements from concept to full production.This ensures accurate information communication between designers and fabrication throughout the entire process.

Design accuracy & Engineering design simulations are done with SOLID WORKS

Studio is fully AutoCAD | ArchiCAD | Sketch up compatable

CNC Laser Metal Cutting Systems  2Kw
Our 2 x 2000 W  (2Kw) metal laser cutters, allows for a  variation of sheet metal and plate processing e.g. mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, brass .
Cutting wall thickness: tolerances of 0.02mm
  • Mild Steel               - 16 mm
  • Stainless Steel         - 8 mm
  • Aluminium / Copper / Brass - 6 mm
Laser cutting  with on site compressed nitrogen plant ensures that  your product  is of high quality cut, allowing us to process material fast and accurate.
Cutting speed of up to 140 linear m / min can be achieved, depending on sheet thickness & shape of cut. 
Flat-sheet- plate bed size 1524 x 3000 mm (workable area)
Prototyping is accomplished in a very short time frame. This ensures that clients  is confident with their requirements and end result.
Our  360 / TUBE LASER CUTTING System is unique in Namibia.... a designers dream !
Our 2000 W  tube laser will cut slots, holes, patterns in 200 mm round tube and 140 mm hollow square-rectangle sections
Precision fabrication is the key to  a successful product.

Laser Cutting Systems 150 W
Cutting: 150 W Laser cuts :
Our 150 W Laser cutting capacity allows for fabrication on
  • Wood Composite | Solids, i.e MDF, up to 16 mm thick
  • Plexiglas - Perspex  up to 30 mm thick 
  • Leather
  • Plastics - ABS / Cardboard - Paper
  • Graphic- Picto - Engraving on surfaces
Engraving: 80 W Laser Engraving
Our 80 W laser engraving (Surface Etching)
System resolution capability of lettering-numerals as small as 1 mm in height can be achieved.
engraving plate size 140 x 80 mm on almost  surfaces,
i.e. wood, glass, stainless steel, metals, leather, plastics and more....
LCS 150W
CNC Plasma - Metal Cutting
Our plasma cutting table can accommodate sheets of 1500 - 3000mm and can cut various materials up to 25mm.
Ideal for the mining, agriculture and construction industries, a low cost solution.
Cutting thickness:       
  • Mild Steel                 - 25mm
  • Stainless Steel         - 10mm
  • Aluminium                -   6mm
CNC Turret Metal Punch-Perforation

With our latest EURO MAC - European technology              WE BOAST WITH  2 X 30 ton CNC turret punch MACHINES.


Sheet metal parts are processed fast and economically

Our 6 station turret punch allows  up to 43 different tools at once, depending of material thickness. 

Various materials up to thicknesses of 6 mm can be processed fast and cost efficient, maintaining  tolerances of 0.02 mm accuracy.

Mass production of parts ensures high speed client order delivery with superior quality and reduced delivery times.

CNC Metal Bending & Profiling

2 x 110 Ton CNC Press Brake Machines ensures that processed parts are shaped into accurate 3D solutions.

Computerized  systems with automatic crowning deflective adjustments ensures quality profiling of full 3 m part lengths.

​Complicated shapes are designed and pre tested  on our

SAFLAN DARLEY & SOLID WORKS software and directly transferred to machine floor production.

Guillotine | METAL Cutting

SAFLAN DARLEY CNC Guillotine system: this latest addition to our shop floor allows high speed "cut-2-size" solutions at an accuracy of 00.02 mm cutting tolerances.

Plate Roll Forming | METAL Curve shape

3m wide 3 pin plate roller allows for cylindrical forming of steel flat parts

Powder Coating - Pre Coating

Powder coating service, complete with pre-treatment of mild steel (7 stage iron phosphate coating system) and aluminium (4 stage chrome conversion coating system), the only quality plant in Namibia.

Green Production:

  • Curing ovens run +-70% on 150 Kw solar power, reducing production carbon footprint. 

  • Wide range of colours available (T & C's apply on special small batch colour requirements).

  • Colors: RAL and SABS colors, standard colors as per the color card. (Interior & Exterior application options), Gloss, Semi-matt, Matt and textured, special colours on request, subject to minimum quantities.

  • Only environmental friendly paint powders are used, sourced from CHEMETALL USA

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